Mexican Insight – March 10, 2014

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Mexican Insight – March 10, 2014 (pdf)

Investors make plans previous the secondary laws: «We are optimistic that the executive
and legislative branches will reach the necessary agreements to aprove secondary
legislation in different subjects, and this we will generate certainty for investors, both
domestic and foreign» Javier Arrigunaga (CEO of ABM, Association of Banks of

«Fovissste, a very active issuer: The Mortgage Fund of the Institute of Social Security for
State Workers (Fovissste) will held three bond issues this year (TFOVIS). This represents
issuing an amount of 17,000 million pesos, the first issue will be before the end of this
month and is estimaed to be around 6,300 million pesos. The other two emissions are
tentatively for June and September. In agregate, 43,000 mortgage loans will be
bursatilizated by the the end of this year».

«Commissions of Afores are below the international level: The average commission
charged by «Afores» is currently 1.19 percent, this is below the level registered in other
countries with similar pensions schemes,(…)»