1. Technology

Overview – Technology

Epicurus developed a technology asset management by-product that was born from needs emanated from our investment clients. Now, with this spin-off, we also sell services as a Financial Technology Company. Additionally, we can provide other IT solutions based on our financial expertise and knowledge of the sense of urgency that this industry requires.

Finally, Epicurus is able to provide a wide range of tech services as complete as a financial software solution to a an experienced team of specialists with same capabilities as a complete IT area.


Products – Technology

Our core product is a Pro Investment Management System (Pro-IM). This is a fully integrated and versatile office platform responsible for the administration of the entire risk management, middle and back office of our clients and additionally, the management of its customers, including compliance rules to prevent money laundering and other regulatory requirements. It can include the next modules:

  1. Client Management
  • Contract Generation & Management
  • Tax compliant Account Statements
  • Compliance, monitoring & reporting
  • KYC
  • Anti-money Laundering
  1. Front Office
    We can provide these services in partnership with some vendor, currently we have worked with Charles River Investment and InverNet Investment Management Systems. It is worth to notice that our platform can be customized to work with any Investment Management System.
  • Order Management
  • Pre & post-trade compliance


  1. Risk Management
  • Risk Management Advisory
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Personalized Reports
  1. Middle Office
  • Confirmation of operations
  • Sent to custodian
  1. Back Office
  • Settlement of operations
  • Sent to accounting
  1. Interfaces and communication
  • Accounting System
  • Found accounting service
  • Front Office System (client’s choice)

Record Keeping

This module is sold as separated platform that is interfaced with PRO-IMS, it’s also web based System that can manage the investment individualization.

This a general schema of our platform:

Services – Technology

Among our IT services are:

  1. IT Management
  • Manage IT strategy
  • IT Project Management and PMO
  • Compliance with the local regulations and the Customer’s global IT policies
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Local support
  • SLA’s
  1. Field Support
  • Help Desk
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Support for the pc’s, laptops and Telecom equipment
  • Backup management.
  1. Vendor Management
  • Manage local vendors: Network, communications, etc.
  • Equipment’s Repairment Management through equipment’s vendors
  • Warranties management
  • Manage acquiring new equipment and software licensees.
  1. Software as Service
    Once you hire our service, Epicurus Provide a turn on key solution. This means:
    We will provide the whole infrastructure necessary to run the system, including the DRP for continuity the operation in case of an infrastructure failure. Also provide the application support. The detailed service includes:
Application Support
A complete set of ITIL based tools is included:
  • Monitoring
  • SLA’s Management
  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Suppliers Management
  • Single point of contact
  • Satisfaction measurement in real time
  • General and tailor made improvements
Disaster Recovery Plans(DRPs)
Epicurus will have a parallel infrastructure in order to provide a full DRP for our application, in case on failure. We can also help you to develop yours for your internal applications.
Epicurus works with world class data centers in order to provide the availability that the clients require, we can provide physical or virtual infrastructure, depending of the client’s needs
If the clients require we can provide a reasonable costing virtual infrastructure or if the clients have regulatory requirements, Epicurus can also host the application on world class data center with this characteristics:
  • A world-class Data Center compliance with international standards
    • Tier IV classifications with standard ANSI/TIA942 and ANSI/TIA-942-a-1
    • 2N + 1 redundancy on every infrastructure component
      • UPS
      • Generator
      • Temperature and humidity control system
      • Fire extinction system
  • Monitoring
  • Redundant Communication
  • 99.995% Data Center availability


  1. Tailor made software
    Epicurus can develop a platform tailor made for his clients, we are specialized in financial systems and we can also give consulting in the market’s best practices.

Artificial Intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence (AI), goes beyond: it not only tries to understand, but also strives to build intelligent entities. The initiative of Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy explores the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the business landscape. The exploration specifically analyzes how AI is affecting the development and execution of strategy in organizations. Epicurus participates in this industry using its experience in a wide range of sectors of the market and thanks to our ability to innovate and develop new businesses in challenging sectors.

Artificial Intelligence currently encompasses a wide variety of subfields, ranging from general purpose to more specific areas whose purpose is to synthesize and automate intellectual tasks and is therefore potentially relevant to any area of human intellectual activity. This is stimulating change in the workforce, data management, privacy and collaboration between entities, which is why new risks and threats in all types of sectors, as well as security, are being examined, seeking to help organizations understand and act upon the tremendous opportunity of the combination of human intelligence and of the machines.

Epicurus takes advantage of its technological capabilities, the experience of our staff in financial and technological matters, and the great relationships with the predominant players in the technological sector to provide the most innovative solutions tailored to business needs, with the aim of increasing their competitiveness and productivity. For this, creative projects adapted to their needs are implemented and developed applying the best practices.

Success cases

Insurance Companies

Epicurus has developed, deployed and supported an application record keeping application to manage the client’s investments of a worldwide insurance company based in New York. This product is a tailor made application developed to support a brand new product of the insurance company than combines investments with insurances.
This application manages:

  • Corporate clients
  • Contributions and withdrawals
  • Balances, Statements
  • Commissions
  • Interfaces to accounting system and internal systems

Investment Managers

Epicurus is currently helping to a worldwide asset manager based on France, to setup his Mexico’s based mutual funds company. We will provide the middle office and risk services. Epicurus will also provide all the technological platform to manage his clients.

Mortgages Lenders

Epicurus also provide the technological platform for the largest mortgage lender in Mexico. The platform is on charge of manage all the middle office including all the interfaces with external entities: counterparties, custodian, valuation provider, etc. Also Epicurus provides the risk services.


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