1. Financing
We offer tailored finance solutions to our clients’ needs that are not covered by conventional financial products such as a plain-vanilla loans. Through a diverse variety of structures, we help our clients monetize capital investments and equity positions, finance new projects or cash out on-going business to help them expand, grow their business and satisfy their unique and sophisticated needs according to their individual risk profile.

Our objective is to design and deploy customized funding and liquidity solutions such as securitization, structured asset sales, leveraged leasing, hedging and term funding to public corporations, private equity groups and individuals. Epicurus offers a variety of financing solutions for their clients with customized terms based on the requirements of the borrower with collaterals that may include illiquid or hard value assets, which includes:

  • Amortization and maturities tailored to meet expected cash flows from investments
  • Covenants tailored to the situation and wealth strategy of the borrower
  • Current interest plus a participation that aligns our interests with the borrower
  • Mortgage-backed securitizations (MBS)
  • Acquisition, financing and securitization of servicer advance and past due receivables
  • Public and private asset-backed securitization transactions involving auto loans, credit card receivables, tax liens and trade receivables
  • Representation of Mexican YieldCos, MLP and private equity funds in a variety of structured finance and securitization transactions

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