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Overview – Consulting

The origin of our company is as a consultant firm. Years ago, a team of experienced individuals with studies in the best universities in Mexico and United States rapidly gain the trust of big financial institutions that needed help in developing sophisticated tools that help them value Mexican financial instruments.

Epicurus assists its clients in solving diverse and complex problems regarding their business model. The industry transforms and innovates every time, and usually companies are not fully prepared for market disruptions or are not able to identify market opportunities that will help them grow their business. The ones that are not able to compete consistently by redefining their business model, respond to market disruptions, and seize investing opportunities are the ones that are displaced out of the market.

We help our clients to develop new corporate strategies to optimize their current business, improve their performance, identify new market opportunities, and define business models that allow them to have new investments, achieving growth and generating fundamental value. Using financial, operational and analytical expertise, we help our clients to maximize their company value and develop a sustainable business model that enables them to have a lasting impact in their company.

Fully understanding and analyzing the problem together, we are able to shape the future business strategy, compete in the industry, and respond to any market disruptions.


Analytics and Corporate Finance: Defining a Growth Strategy

A company’s main goal is to maximize value. This may not be possible without having a structured organization, innovative finance strategies, strong market analysis and an organized management.
How are we able to help our clients?

• Taking financing decisions and deciding new investments are some of the most challenging activities for businesses because they face several risks. We use advanced analytics and strong fundamentals to develop market strategies and generate value to our clients.

• It is important that a company fully understands all the risks involved in an investment decision, know their projected cash flow, and have several performance measurements. We help our clients to understand, manage and diversify these risks.

• Sometimes, only by restructuring resource allocation companies are able to increase profits and grow by investing in successful businesses, and exiting those that are not. We help our clients to improve their resource allocation and identify new opportunities within their core business.

• We help companies to become more competitive in the market defining new growth strategies, diversify and manage risks involved and develop new strategies that generate value.

Structuring and analysis of financial instruments

Large companies manage diverse financial instruments and participate in different markets. Every time new and more complex financial instruments are developed in order to provide a wide-range of options to investors and provide a different source of funding for companies. Knowing how these complex financial instruments work is crucial for every market participant, misunderstanding the risks associated with these instruments contributed, at some extent, to the financial crisis of 2008.

How are we able to help our clients?

• Managing risks associated with operating these instruments is fundamental, that is why we help our clients to fully understand these complex financial instruments and all the risks associated with trading them.

• Often companies find it difficult to structure these instruments due to their complexity. We help our clients to develop these structured financial instruments to provide a new source of funding and liquidity.


Productive Process and Operations

Having a complete understanding of the daily operations and the productive process involved is essential in any business. A problem in operations can slow production, business performance and diminish returns.

How are we able to help our clients?

• Developing a strategy and administering operations are the key elements in any business model. We help our clients to increase productivity by improving the productive process design.

• Profit maximization is the result of a planned business strategy involving reducing and structuring costs, develop new ideas. We help our clients to improve their business strategy and restructure costs if needed.

• It is important that companies know their main competitors, what are they doing to improve and compete, and know the industry to identify new business opportunities. Our team specializes in a complete range of industrial segments and has the expertise to make our clients more competitive.

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