Mexican Insight – December 02, 2013

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Mexican Insight – December 02, 2013 (pdf)

Mexican Senate approved the political reform in its general aspects. With the support of two of
the three most important parties, the Reform propose the creation of a new Electoral Institution
with more attributions, a more strict treshold to create a political party, relection of local mayors
and legislators. (with information of «La Jornada»).

Remittances to Mexico three months add up: Relatives shipments to the country increased
4.61% in October, analysts attribute the increase to an improvement in the labor market in the
United States. (with information of «CNN Expansion»).

This weekend Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, open the «Mezquital-Huazamota» road,.
The president stressed that with this work is intended to boost the region’s communications and
will create opportunities for integration and development (with information of «El Universal»).