Why Invest with Epicurus?

  1. Why Invest with Epicurus?


Investors around the globe and especially in the U.S. have recently experienced multi-decade low yields on most of their developed market bond portfolios, hence they are looking for other securities to obtain higher risk-adjusted returns. Epicurus realizes that Mexico Financial Securities, as an Emerging Market (EM), offers a solution to this problem.

International players usually do not rely on EM’s legal framework, so we decided to bring our expertise into the US market and open the first Mexican Fixed Income Mutual Fund regulated under US law.

We believe Mexico’s relative political stability, the structural reforms that are being undertaken and Mexico’s openness to foreign investment makes it one of the strongest emerging markets to invest in.

A U.S.-based mutual fund composed of Mexican financial instruments managed by an experienced team of investment professionals offers investors attractive potential returns along with diversification of their developed markets bond portfolios.

With us, investors are going to be able to take part in the expected benefits fueled by the structural reforms recently approved in Mexico with the security and transparency of the legal framework of US