Products Draft

  1. Products Draft


Our core product is Pro-IMS. This is a versatile back office platform responsible for the administration of the entire middle and back office of our clients and additionally, the management of its customers, including compliance rules to prevent money laundering and other regulatory requirements. It can include the next modules:

  1. Client Management
    • Contract Generation & Management
    • Tax compliant Account Statements
    • Compliance, monitoring & reporting
    • KYC
    • Anti-money Laundering
  2. Front Office
    We can provide these services in partnership with some vendor, currently we have worked with Charles River Investment and InverNet Investment Management Systems. It is worth to notice that our platform can be customized to work with any Investment Management System.
    • Order Management
    • Pre & post-trade compliance
  3. Risk Management
    • Risk Management Advisory
    • Regulatory Reporting
    • Personalized Reports
  4. Middle Office
    • Confirmation of operations
    • Sent to custodian
  5. Back Office
    • Settlement of operations
    • Sent to accounting
  6. Interfaces and communication
    • Accounting System
    • Found accounting service
    • Front Office System (client’s choice)

Record Keeping

This module is sold as separated platform that is interfaced with PRO-IMS, it’s also web based System that can manage the investment individualization.

This a general schema of our platform: