Overview – Consulting

  1. Overview - Consulting
The origin of our company is as a consultant firm. Years ago, a team of experienced individuals with studies in the best universities in Mexico and United States rapidly gain the trust of big financial institutions that needed help in developing sophisticated tools that help them value Mexican financial instruments.

Epicurus assists its clients in solving diverse and complex problems regarding their business model. The industry transforms and innovates every time, and usually companies are not fully prepared for market disruptions or are not able to identify market opportunities that will help them grow their business. The ones that are not able to compete consistently by redefining their business model, respond to market disruptions, and seize investing opportunities are the ones that are displaced out of the market.

We help our clients to develop new corporate strategies to optimize their current business, improve their performance, identify new market opportunities, and define business models that allow them to have new investments, achieving growth and generating fundamental value. Using financial, operational and analytical expertise, we help our clients to maximize their company value and develop a sustainable business model that enables them to have a lasting impact in their company.

Fully understanding and analyzing the problem together, we are able to shape the future business strategy, compete in the industry, and respond to any market disruptions.