Latest project

  1. Latest project

Single strategy opportunistic investment vehicle that acquires directly the accounts payables from the Federal Government of Mexico from its key service providers.

Align all interest between investors and partners by structuring a tier-based performance/success fee.

Detailed due diligence and a financial analysis will be done for each account payable to establish the maximum price that Fund or Trust is willing to pay.

FX exposure of the principal could be hedged through derivatives depending of the preferences of the investors regarding currency risk.

Unfunded commitment letter of 2 years for each investor at the time the Fund is launched. The will be capital requirements when money is needed to buy account receivables already approved by the Investment Committee.
An initial deposit of 10% of the committed capital will be asked in advance to open the accounts and pay the day-to-day operation of the investment vehicle selected for the Fund.
During the first 2 years, after collecting any account receivable, the capital invested will be subject to reinvestments to continue to generate high returns to the investors