Global News March 06, 2017

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“Trump to sign new immigration order”

Donald Trump is to sign a new executive order on immigration later on Monday, his aide Kellyanne Conway has said. A revised order has been expected from the White House since the earlier ban was blocked by a federal court. The previous order suspended the entire US refugee resettlement programme and blocked citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the US. It sparked confusion at airports, as people with valid visas were turned away, and mass protests. President Trump’s administration argued that the ban was necessary to keep the US safe from terrorism.
What is different about the new order? While the text of the new executive order has not yet been published, Ms. Conway, a senior aide to Mr. Trump, told Fox News that Iraq would be left off the list of countries whose citizens will banned from the US. Citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, the other six countries on the original list, would once more be subject to a 90-day travel ban. Ms. Conway said that the order would take effect on 16 March. The 10 days’ advance notice may help to avoid some of the chaotic scenes at US airports that occurred on 27 January when the first executive order was announced without warning.


“North Korea’s missile launch shows program is speeding up, experts say”

North Korea’s missile program is evolving, experts say, as the country develops and produces missiles at a faster rate, and deploys them in ways which potentially help evade new and existing defenses. On Monday, North Korea launched four intermediate-range missiles into the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, three of which landed within 200 nautical miles of Japan’s coastline and the country’s Japan’s exclusive economic zone. It came less than a month after North Korea launched the Pukguksong-2, a new type of missile which uses solid rocket fuel which allows for faster fueling before launch.


The Guardian
“Peugeot-Citroën chief vows to save jobs in Vauxhall/Opel takeover”

The chief executive of the French company behind Peugeot and Citroën has vowed to turn Opel and Vauxhall around without factory closures or job cuts, after agreeing to buy General Motors’ lossmaking European arm for €2.2bn (£1.9bn). The acquisition of Opel/Vauxhall, which generated revenues of €17.7bn last year, will transform PSA Group into the second-biggest carmaker in Europe, after Volkswagen. PSA’s chief executive, Carlos Tavares, talked of creating a “European champion”. He pointed to the French company’s track record and said employees at Vauxhall in the UK and Opel in Germany would be given a chance to reach the necessary “benchmark” of efficiency. GM and PSA said the deal would create annual savings of €1.7bn in purchasing, manufacturing, and research and development by 2026, with most savings likely to be achieved by 2020 from purchasing. Tavares said the estimate did not include any job cuts.


“GM Will Layoff 1,100 in Michigan After Production Shift”

General Motors Co said Monday it will layoff 1,100 workers in May at its Lansing Delta Township assembly plant in Michigan as it shifts production of a vehicle to Tennessee. The largest U.S. automaker last year added 800 jobs at its Spring Hill, Tennessee plant to build a new version of the GMC Acadia SUV. The Lansing plant will continue to build the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse after it retools for a month. GM has announced some other U.S. factory cuts in recent months even as it said in January it would invest another $1 billion in U.S. factories. (Reporting by David Shepardson)


Zero Hedge
“Trump Does Not Accept Comey’s Wiretap Denial: White House”

Having thrown the Justice Department under the bus yesterday, it appears the FBI Director has not managed to pass the hot potato of blame/responsibility for Trump’s wiretap accusations. As the Hill reports, a White House spokeswoman on Monday said she «doesn’t think» Trump accepts Comey’s denial of the president’s claims. As a reminder, a New York Times report Sunday said Comey asked the Justice Department to publicly reject the president’s claims. Senior U.S. officials told the Times that Comey has said the president’s wiretapping allegations are false and asked the Justice Department on Saturday to publicly correct the record. The FBI and DOJ declined to comment to the newspaper. But, as The Hill reports, it appears President Trump is not buying Comey’s denial that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign.